How to Entertain Your Toddler during School Work

Things are a lot different around here compared to when I first posted about homeschooling. That little guy in my old images is in middle school now, and he's got three younger siblings!

The addition of siblings means my time is divided, and if we're being honest, it means I'm pretty much always distracted.

I try to set everyone up for success during school times, and for the youngest, that means having a variety of engaging activities ready. 

Here in our home, suitable activities are:

1. Independent.

2. Quiet. 

3. Reserved only for work times. Otherwise, they're stored out of sight.

Some of our activities are simple. Like an empty tissue box and a big pile of craft pom poms or cotton balls, paper and crayons, or playdough.

Other activities are Amazon purchases. Our little collection of manipulatives and hands-on tasks has served us well so far!

Pictured here, from left to right... 

1. Skoolzy Brand Peg Board

2. Counting Bears: ours is a mix of two sets, like this and this

3. Skoolzy Nuts and Bolts

4. Lacing beads, similar to this set.

How do you entertain your toddlers while your older children do their school work??

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