Homeschool: The Letter C {crafts, preschool, toddler activities, color wheel, corn, bubble wrap printing}

Another letter on the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree! We had a lot of fun this week, though we didn't spend as much time working as we have previously. I have finally come down with Camden's month-long head cold, and then daddy unexpectedly took Friday away from work, so we did some crafting that day as a family. More on that later, though, when the Friday project is finally complete. Anyway, we still thoroughly enjoyed the projects we worked on!

As a side note, my little guy is almost done with his Kumon uppercase letters workbook. When it is complete, we'll move to the lowercase letters workbook. I love to see how accomplished he feels after completing the pages, and his improvement is already so obvious.

C is for Colors: Color Wheel Activity

This was a really fun way to spend an afternoon. There were several steps involved, but my three-year-old didn't lose interest because we were up and moving around part of the time. We also spent a great deal of time talking about colors, primary colors, mixing colors, and so on. He really took to the conversation. To make a color wheel like ours:

1. Cut out a large poster board/tag board circle. I used my largest mixing bowl as a template.
2. Divide the circle into six equal sections, marking them with a pencil.
3. Fill in each section with the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. We used the torn paper mosaic approach, but you could paint the sections or attach pieces of construction paper pre-cut to fit the sections.
4. While the glue dries, it's time for a scavenger hunt. Dig around to see what you can find to fill each section with the corresponding color. {the bulk of our goodies came from the craft closet downstairs... can you tell??}
5. Attach the items you found. We used a glue gun. {My little guy is very well-versed in glue gun safety, so I feel comfortable working WITH him to use a glue gun safely. If you don't feel comfortable with this idea for your little one, consider another glue, such as craft glue.}

C is for Cat Paper Plate Craft

With Halloween rapidly approaching, I wanted to include another fitting craft. I love the way this black cat turned out! There are many options for this craft, including making a "scary" cat face, etc., so use your imagination.

We painted TWO paper plates using washable black paint, and set them aside to dry. While my son was busy with another task, I cut the center out of one plate to make the body, and then used the center portion to make his head by cutting off the ridged edge to form a circle. Next, I cut apart the second plate to make the tail and ears.

We glued everything together using craft glue, then embellished our black cat with wiggly eyes, a pink puff ball for the nose, and a pipe cleaner cut into four pieces for the whiskers.

C is for Corn: Bubble Wrap Printing

Corn is a big hit in our house, especially when it is served on the cob, fresh off the grill. I knew my little guy would also love to make his own ear of corn. He was also excited over the new technique... bubble wrap printing! In this case, the print from the bubbles gives the appearance of corn kernels.

We started with a piece of blank construction paper {ours was a light tan color}. I showed Camden that he could use his paint brush and yellow paint to put a light coat of paint on the bumpy side of a piece of bubble wrap, and then we quickly flipped the wrap onto the paper. While I held it in place, he gently patted the bubble wrap {he was oh, SO tempted to pop those bubbles!} to transfer the paint to the construction paper.

After plenty of time for the paint to dry, I cut out an "ear" {of corn} shape, plus two green shapes to form the husk. With a glue stick, my son put everything together. He wasn't feeling very well that afternoon, so he asked me to write "corn" on, rather than trace the word himself or use stamps to spell the word.

C is for Castle {coming soon!}

We're making a castle! Check back soon for details.

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