Shaving Cream Letters {toddler activity, homeschool, creative play}

I can remember this activity from my own kindergarten days! It's simple, really. Grab a can of men's shaving cream next time you're at the grocery store. Nothing fancy, just the cheap stuff in the red and white striped can. Clear your table, roll up your sleeves, and squirt a nice, big pile of the cream onto the table.

If you use your hands to spread the cream around, you have a perfect place for letter and number practice, or for drawing silly faces and favorite shapes. "Erase" the letters or pictures with the swipe of your hand, and you've got a blank slate.

When we were done playing, I used a towel to scoop the cream off the table, and then wiped everything down with a wet cloth. The end result? A clean, sparkling table and some effortless letter practice!

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