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We've wrapped up another week! I won't lie--this week was a tough one, in some respects. My sweet boy is really exploring his boundaries lately, and I know I've said it before, but sometimes I really struggle with keeping my "mom hat" tucked away in favor of my "teacher hat." We're navigating the waters together, though, and I'm THRILLED to report that today {the beginning of a new week} went amazingly well, and we were able to accomplish so much together.

One day at a time, yes?

It is my goal to write about our best moments together, but also to let you in on our not-so-good moments too. My intention won't ever be to paint a false picture of reality, or to pretend that we don't come to occasional road blocks in between all of these fun, creative projects.

How about you? What do you struggle with while you're working with your child{ren}?

Moving along. The letter D!

D is for Dandelion

Without question, this is my favorite project yet! Do I need to explain why??

It was a simple craft that we were able to complete in a single sitting, but with several techniques and textures. The craft easily held Camden's attention, which is top priority for us.

I began by cutting a strip of grass from green paper, then glued it to the blue. I wanted to create a starting place, where the dandelions would be 'anchored,' for an easy start. I also snipped several q-tips in half before we began.

We bent two green pipe cleaners to have the appearance of a stem and a leaf, and then attached them with a glue gun. {I've said it before, but use your own judgment with a glue gun and your own child. I have been over the safety factors several times with my little guy, who is almost four.}

Next, we attached a cotton ball for the center of each dandelion, and then we worked our way around each cotton ball, adding q-tip pieces to create the dandelion look.

Finally, I lightly outlined the word 'dandelion' for him to trace. Writing without disturbing the dandelions for a bit tough for Camden, so you might also consider stamping the word, or writing it before beginning the project.

D is for Dinosaur: Letter Craft

This project was a good idea, in theory. I wanted to wind up with a 'cute' dinosaur, so I added the spikes to a dinosaur that has the appearance of a brachiosaurus, because of his longer neck. My son, who is obsessed with dinosaurs, was NOT impressed. He spent a great deal of time explaining to me that a brachisaurus doesn't have spikes--that, clearly, I was mistaken and had meant to create a stegosaurus. But the neck was too long for that, "you see, mom." Nevermind that, though. This is a cute use of the letter D for your preschooler.

Begin with a large letter D, cut from green paper. Supply your kiddo with glue, and the following pieces... neck/head, tail, spikes {optional, of course}, and legs. Add a mouth and eye.

Help your child write or stamp the word 'dinosaur' above their creation.

D is for Donkey: Paper Plate Craft

This was a big hit in our house! The steps were simple, and could be personalized in so many ways. Our steps went something like this... paint a plate and some white construction paper gray {if you've got gray paper, feel free to use it!}, then set aside to dry. Cut a circle from white paper, and draw on a smile and nostrils. Cut a bit of a mane from from black construction paper. Cut ears from gray painted paper. Attach the parts and pieces with glue, then add a pair of wiggly eyes.


  1. Love, love, love you donkey! We are celebrating Palm Sunday this weekend and thought I'd look for a donkey craft for 2 year olds and this is perfect!! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us all! You are a blessing.

  2. This stuff is extra cute!!! Thank you for sharing! We are learning our alphabet and this will really help.



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