primm n proper baby: a review {and a discount code!}

The most amazing cloth diaper arrived at my doorstep the other day, and I'm so excited to be able to share it with you! I've really fallen in love with fitted diapers this time around, and this is my new favorite line.

Made by the charming, amazingly talented Meaghan, this is a Primm N Proper Baby fitted. {find PNPBaby on Facebook, or shop her Hyena Cart shop} PNP diapers come in a variety of fabric and closure combinations, so you can customize your order a bit to suit your needs. Even better, you can order custom diapers to get exactly what you're looking for.

But let's take a look at these diapers. What makes them so fabulous??

1. Serged edges, in my opinion, provide the best fit. They always feel a bit more snug and secure in comparison to a turned edge. They look pretty darn cute, too!
2. Absorbency. I'm thrilled with the absorbency of this diapers! My little girl is a bit of a "super soaker," and this diaper was up to the challenge. The bamboo velour inner is both soft to the touch, AND functional.
3. Speaking of absorbency, let's talk about the soaker. Meaghan's soakers are long {24 inches!} and not overly thick. After you snap the soaker into the back of the diaper, it's yours to fold as you choose. I doubled my soaker over and achieved several layers of absorbency. Again--perfect! {Bonus: they dry quickly and wash up so nicely.}
4. They're trim! Remember that great absorbency I mentioned? Meaghan has found a winning combination because Primm N Propers are both absorbent AND trim. 
5. Fit! I chose to have snaps on my diaper, though you don't have to. You can skip snaps and fasten your diapers with a Snappi or similar. The snaps give me several options for a comfy, snug fit around baby's waist, and the fold-down rise snaps are an added bonus for younger babies or those who are a bit shorter in the waist.
6. Source. Given the choice, I much prefer to make my purchases from independent businesses, WAHM's, and the like. When I buy from Meaghan, I am buying directly from the source, and that makes me feel--cheese alert!--all warm and fuzzy.

I truly have struggled, while testing this diaper, to come up with something I don't like or that I wish I could change to make it even better. Honestly? I can't come up with anything about the fit or performance. I know! I KNOW!! I sound so canned and optimistic when I say that. But it's true. I reach for this diaper as soon as it's back on the shelf, and I'm already planning my next purchase, because I simply must get my hands on a few more.

Don't believe me? Try them for yourself! The next Hyena Cart stocking happens on April 1st, and, lucky you! I have a discount code to share with you. Place an order between now and April 15, 2014 and use the code DOTW10 for 10% off your purchase.

Hop on over to the Primm N Proper Baby Facebook page, and show Meaghan some love! Let her know I sent you, just for fun :)


  1. LOVE IT! Saw your link on PNP's wall. I feel the same. These are AWESOME diapers. We've been buying them since early 2010. and the very first ones we bought are still going strong, two more kids later! Great fit no matter the build of the baby,. soft, well-made, excellent absorbency without being bulky. I'd have an entire stash of them if I could.

  2. oh im SO excited.. i just ordered mine a few days ago and CAN NOT WAIT!!! <3 EPP!

  3. I love pnp baby dipes! I found them one random day while I was on hyena cart and decided to give them a try. I've sold most of my stash to fund these dipes and I feel amazing being able to sort a wahm. Meaghan is so sweet and friendly! She always more than happy to help make an order as custom to your needs as possible. Her minky ai2 are my absolute favorite! Trying a hybrid and nighty night soon :-) if you wanna score some good deals check out her pnp baby bst page for the monthly co-op order :-) no co-op fee and you get to pick your fabric print :-)


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