Mess-Free Glitter Ornaments

These ornaments are fun and simple, with SO many possibilities for customization. I love that they're so glittery and  bright, but even more, I love that the glitter is forever trapped inside the ornament. No mess on my hands! 

When I had the opportunity to visit Hobby Lobby today, I snapped up the necessary goods to make some of my own. In case you'd like to make some yourself, you only need a few easy-to-find supplies:

The effort is so minimal for big results!! In case you're a visual person, take a peek below. If you're more interested in a list of steps, well, take a peek below the below.

1. Pop the hanger/top off your ornament.
2. Fill the ornament with a bit of floor wax.
3. Swirl and slosh the wax around to coat the inside, covering the opening with your finger to prevent a spill.
4. Tip the excess wax back into the bottle, allowing a minute or two to drain.
5. Using a small funnel, dump a hearty amount of glitter into the ornament.
6. Swirl the glitter around a bit, then cover the opening with your finger and give it a SHAKE!
7. When you're sure the inside is evenly coated, use your funnel again to pour excess glitter from the ornament back into the glitter container.
8. Replace the ornament hanger, and you're ready to go.

See? Big results. 

Minimal effort, too, and there's something to be said for a simple project.

UPDATE: A few of your questions, answered...
Do these hold up over time? We're going on year number two with our ornaments. I just unpacked them today! They look just as nice as the day I made them. The glitter is still very well adhered.

What happens if an ornament breaks? We experienced this last year. Sure, there was a mess of glass, but no loose glitter! Hooray!

Where do I find that floor wax?? I've only seen it at Wal*Mart, so far. I look when I think about it. But never seem to spot it in other stores. Maybe a hardware store with a large cleaning section?

Do I have to use fine glitter? No, but I think the results are nicer with fine glitter.


  1. So beautiful! I like these a lot.

  2. Question--does it matter what kind of floor wax you use? Does it need to be "Pledge Floor Care"??

    I know. I'm hopeless.

  3. mop'n'glo works too

  4. Yep, yep, yep! Becca, I know we chatted about this elsewhere, but thank you for bringing it up here. I only *personally* have experience with the floor wax in the photos, but from what I can tell, any quick-drying standard floor wax should do. Mop'N'Glo, store brand, etc..

    If you give it a try using another product, I'd love a comment here so that others know they can use a variety of brands :)

  5. GREAT! I was looking at new green bulbs and now will make a batch of these! Adorable! Thanks!

  6. I found the Pledge stuff at Giant supermarket today :) One question for you... what are the Q-Tips in your photo used for? And yes, I would recommend fine glitter. I used the "regular" glitter that my daughter has in her craft box and it left pinpoint-sized empty spots here and there. I think fine glitter would offer better coverage. Also, I found clear *plastic* ornaments at Michaels arts & crafts store. With a little one running around the house, I can't have glass ornaments on my tree yet :/

    1. Ah, those pesky q-tips! lol! I didn't mention it in the directions, but I kept them on hand to swab around the edges or to pop bubbles and things on the inside of the bulbs. I really didn't use them much at all because the wax was easier to work with than I anticipated, but I also didn't want to have to go searching for them mid-project.

    2. I LOVE that the glitter is contained INSIDE and doesn't continually shed off everywhere!!!!

  7. I plan on making these with my 2 granddaughters this year. I will make some cut-out letters with their initials to glue on the bulb.


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