Ok--so I did it. I put my tree up. Before Thanksgiving.

Hubby wasn't a fan of the idea, and we've been, ehem, conversing... about the topic for several days now. But on Sunday, as the snow fell outside and I worked inside on my Christmas crafts, I couldn't stand it anymore. The final straw was when that same hubby put up the lights outside.

So I asked once more. And I won.

What about you? Is your tree up already? Do you refuse to even *think* about Christmas until you've slept off your Turkey Dinner? Or do you fall somewhere in between?

I'd love to know :)


  1. Mine will probably go up on Friday. I usually go black Friday shopping and come home and put up my tree. At worst it'll be Sat. Only reason it's that early is because I have a fake tree, but I just can't do it before Thanksgiving. :)

  2. We usually do ours on the Saturday after Thanksgiving but this year we haven't been motivated for some reason. We finally got the tree out of the garage on Monday and its been put together since then but it hasn't even been fully fluffed (I got a crazy scratchy rash on my arms) and 2 of the prelit strands are burnt out. It's sitting there looking all depressing until we get some replacements. Soooo, my goal is beautification tonight. Claire is super anxious to hang the ornaments.


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