A Place for Christmas Cards

When my toddler broke this embroidery hoop last summer, I chose to keep it stashed in with several others I own. Though it wouldn't work for holding fabric, I knew it would still serve a purpose. Yesterday, I discovered that purpose.

When the Christmas cards start rolling in this year, this is where they'll go!

Making my card "wreath" was very simple:

Did you follow? If not, try this:

Choose a large embroidery hoop.
Place several ordinary clothespins around the hoop, spacing them evenly. I used 12 clothespins.
One by one, glue the clothespins to the hoop, clip pointing out, with a glue gun.
{Note: I glued the top-center pin facing in, to showcase a favorite card or clip an ornament in the center of the hoop.}
Select a ribbon slightly more narrow than the outer edge of your hoop.
Working in sections, apply a thin layer of hot glue to attach ribbon all the way around your hoop. Begin and end on either side of the tightening screw.
Attach a loop of coordinating {or contrasting} ribbon at the top to hang your wreath.

I can't wait to receive our first card this year, just so I can clip it up!


  1. Cute!!! I have a reindeer that holds ours, but they always fall down. This is a great idea!

  2. I tried this one and it was so easy and cute. I love it and it just looked better and better as it got filled with cards! Thanks for the great idea.


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