You might be a homeschool family, or you might simply be looking for some rainy day activity inspiration for your preschool-aged kiddo. Whatever your needs, I hope you'll find something here.

I'm certainly not a pro--just a mommy teaching and learning with her first child. Not all of these ideas are my own. They might have been inspired by something I spotted on Pinterest or a blog, they might be something I remember making as a child, or I might have clipped a magazine page somewhere along the way. I'll aim to give credit where it is due, and whenever I am able.

In our home, preschool learning happens 3-4 days each week, usually for about an hour at a time. Our time is broken into manageable chunks that keep my busy-body boy excited about school and learning. We have chosen to focus on one letter each week, beginning with the letter A.

During the week, we learn about the letter. How does it sound? What words start with the letter? How do we write the letter?

We make things that represent the letter. A construction paper boat for letter "B," for example.

And finally, we put our work into page protectors in a large three-ring binder whenever we can. Of course, some crafts are too large for the binder, but I try to plan most activities to fit so that we're left with a visual record and memory book. {My plan is to take photos of my son holding his too-big artwork so that we can print the photos and paste them into the book as well.}

As we work through the letters, I'll update the alphabetical listing below. When projects happen out of turn for holidays or other occasions, I'll simply add them to the appropriate letter. 

Projects made from inexpensive paper plates {you know--the cheap kind that come in bulk for pennies!} will be marked in bold, and you'll see at least one plate-craft per letter.

Getting Started:

The Letters:

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  1. Christina, how do you incorporate the Kumon letter book when it teaches the letters out of order and you teach yours in order? I've heard these are wonderful books, but I, like you, am teaching the alphabet in order. Curious on how to integrate it! Thank.

    1. Y'know... I was worried about that when we first got going too. I decided I can't always have everything just the way I want it, and we just go with it. At the beginning of each day, after a few minutes of "warm up" with pattern blocks, etc., we work on the Kumon book for several minutes and THEN we transition into the letter of the week.

  2. So you are doing the book from start to finish (not skipping around) and then doing your letter learning from A-Z? I got the book and it looks like a great way to teach writing. What do you do with pattern blocks? Letters or just various pattern activities?

  3. hi your mom juley and my mom melinda are cousins and i have celiac disease to!!Can you please get back to me when you see this?

    1. Hello! I don't have a way to contact you, since you commented anonymously, but please feel free to send me an e-mail at ChristinaWeedon {at} yahoo {dot} com :)


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