Homeschool: Halloween Craft; B is for Bats!

How CUTE are these bats?! When I spotted them on Pinterest, via Craftgawker, I knew we would need to make some. The steps are very simple, and the craft was just right for my almost-four-year-old. We painted each bat together, as he did grow a bit impatient with making sure the entire surface was covered.

You'll Need:
An egg carton
Black paint
Wiggly eyes
Thread or ribbon for hanging


A little behind-the-scenes work was necessary to get the egg carton ready to be painted. Egg cartons can be a bit tricky to cut, with all of their ridges and things, so I pulled out the mommy scissors and formed four bats while Camden was busy elsewhere.

A one-dozen egg carton will produce four bats, each using three section from the carton. Cut the lid and closure flaps off of the carton, and then cut down the length of the carton so you're left with two six-section strips. Cut the strips in half, and you've got four pieces.

Round the edges a bit and pretty them up, then cut some notches in the outer sections of each bat. These will be the wings.

Paint! We used black tempera paint because of the easy clean-up factor. Cover the inside and outside of each bat.

After the paint has dried, use a bit of glue to attach wiggly eyes to each bat.

There are several options for hanging your bats. I used a toothpick to poke a small hole in the top of each bat, then threaded them all on to one length of string so they would hang vertically. Stop each bat where you want it on the length of string by tying a knot or attaching a small piece of tape to the thread. {It'll be hidden by the bat.} I love how these bats swirl and twirl a bit because they're hanging on a single piece of string.

You could also glue a piece of Halloween-themed ribbon to the top of each bat, tying the ribbon into a lop for hanging.

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