Gluten, Dairy, and Soy Free Chicken Fried Rice

I love to throw together a big pan of fried rice. It just seems so... perfect! It comes together quickly, fills my family up with healthy veggies and things, and it makes a perfect leftover lunch the next day. My steps vary a bit some days, but the basics are listed below. If your diet dictates that you must avoid eggs, or if you'd like to add a different veggie, or something else simply doesn't appeal, go with it. I really don't think you can mess up when it comes to fried rice.

You'll also notice that my measurements aren't precise. I don't measure when I make fried rice. Instead, I base my ingredient quantities on how much rice I've got, and how many people I want to feed. I filled my rice cooker with two cups uncooked rice and the appropriate amount of water, and went from there.

Chicken {or shrimp, or cubed ham, or tofu, or...}
Carrots {grated with the large holes on your cheese grater}
Peas {ours were frozen}
Rice {this was made using sticky rice, fresh out of the rice cooker, but leftovers are great too}
Coconut Aminos
Garlic Powder

To Make:
If you've got a large, electric skillet, it is perfect for your fried rice. Pull it out and plug it in! If you do not, a large skillet or wok are both great choices. My instructions are based on the use of my non-stick electric skillet.
Scramble several eggs {I used four}, cook them however you'd like, then break or chop the cooked eggs into small pieces, and set aside.
Cut some chicken into bite-sized pieces {I cut up two thin-sliced chicken breast pieces}. Heat a bit of olive oil in your skillet, and cook the chicken, seasoning it with a bit of salt and pepper, and garlic powder.
To the cooked chicken, add shredded carrot {I used two large carrots}, a healthy dose of green peas, your cooked eggs, and the rice.
Stir the ingredients in your skillet to combine, then pour in a bit of coconut aminos. If you aren't avoiding soy sauce, you can use it in this recipe. Be careful not to over-season with additional salt, though!
Add a bit more salt and pepper, and a bit more garlic powder, and stir your rice while it cooks and the flavors combine.
Pour in a bit of water {about 1/4 cup}, put the lid on quickly, and let the rice sit for a few minutes to steam your peas and carrots.
When you come back to check on your rice, it's time for a taste test. Does it have enough flavor? No? Add some more coconut aminos. Not salty enough? You know what to do.
Finally, enjoy!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this recipe! It is amazing! It is the first time since going soy-free in order to breastfeed by soy intolerant daughter that I have had "Chinese" food. We loved it!


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