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Something new has arrived at Dandelion's on the Wall! Homeschooling! This is a new adventure for us, and we're taking a very play-based approach to a year of preschool. I've discovered a major love of crafting and creating in my three-year-old, and we're taking advantage of every minute. I couldn't let all of these creations and ideas go without sharing them somewhere, and this seems like the logical place.

My {very loose, incomplete}  plan for the blog is to begin with a few introductory posts, and then move to once-a-week, letter-themed posts. Occasionally, you'll see some extra crafting projects that I hope you can enjoy with the little people in your lives. If you're only here for the recipes, have no fear! Those recipes aren't going anywhere, and I'll continue to experiment in the kitchen so that I can share my recipes with you.

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We're still very new to the world of homeschooling, but I'm proud to say that we're quickly finding our happy place. There is a rhythm to our day, and with that rhythm comes a list of preferred tools and supplies.

Preschool, in my mind, is a time for fun. My primary goal is to see my son develop his love for learning through playful, creative interaction, which is why you'll see so many craft supplies and craft projects in my posts. Of course, there are other goals: developing motor skills, learning the alphabet, and so on. Through this creative learning time, we're accomplishing all of those goals--plus a whole host of other amazing things.

I'm sure this list will change and evolve, so feel free to check back from time to time to see what tools we're most enjoying.

Our Favorite Supplies:
A printer and plenty of ink
Colored paper suitable for printing
A large three-ring binder
Clear page protectors
Construction paper
Round, "color coding" labels
Toddler-friendly scissors
A writing instrument {pencil, etc.}
Glue sticks
White school glue
Crayons and Markers
An alphabet puzzle
Kumon books {We're working on uppercase letters and will move on to lowercase letters.}
Other learning books or printables, found online via google, Pinterest, etc.
Letter and number templates
Stickers {for projects, for rewards, etc.}
Alphabet stamps {we've got one set now, but hope to purchase a couple more in different "fonts" soon}
Stamp pads in a variety of colors
Temperah paint and brushes
Contact paper
Paper plates {the inexpensive kind with ridges around the outside edge are great, and come in bulk}
Coffee filters
Wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners, and pom-pom balls
Counting Bears
Pattern Blocks {we have been using this awesome, free printable set for letter recognition practice!}
Alphabet-based stories {Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Dr. Seuss's ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!}
A large palm tree cut-out and letter cut-outs. {Read about this--coming soon!}
Play Dough

Like I said before, this is an evolving list. I'll add items as we discover them. I would also love to read about things YOU would add to the list. Leave a comment letting me know what your must-haves are.

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  1. http://www.fonts101.com/search/d+nealian

    Something that might come in handy soon.


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