Liquid? or Solid? {make an oobleck}

Have you ever heard of an oobleck? I hadn't either. Until I stumbled across the idea on, of course, Pinterest!

An oobleck is a "non-Newtonian fluid." When it is being poured, the oobleck acts as a liquid, and when force is applied, it acts like a solid. That, friends, makes for some serious toddler fun! Lots of giggles and gasps came from our kitchen while the little guy played with his bowl of... stuff.

I really think you should give this a try. It's so simple to make, and guaranteed to entertain even the choosiest of little ones. How simple?

Mix two cups of CORN STARCH with one cup of WATER.
{add a couple of drops of food coloring to the water if you'd like.}

Yep--that easy! It's hard to stir and blend, but go with it. Work it into a consistent mixture with your hands, if necessary.

Call the kiddo{s} in, pass out some spoons, and go for it. Also suggested: try punching or smacking the oobleck!


  1. such a great activity for kids! what kid (or parent) doesn't like getting into something a little slimy? i made this with my almost 3 year old son, and he LOVED it. a must have on file for those rainy\cold\snowy bound days!

  2. we had so much fun with this! i think Daddy enjoyed it the most :) I let ours dry out and added it to a baggy. Add water again and reuse!


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