Gooey Green Slime

Today, we made a batch of gooey, green slime. It was a big hit, and kept the little guy entertained for quite some time! Making the slime didn't even take ten minutes, which is a WIN in my book. Quick, homemade toddler entertainment? You betcha!


I couldn't help but pass this recipe along. If you make your own slime, will you let me know how it turns out?

You'll Need:

Equal parts {I used one cup of each} starch and Elmer's-style glue. The cheapie stuff will work just fine!
Food coloring {you choose the color! for a pale, slime-like green, I mixed three drops of yellow with one drop of blue}

To Make:
Pour glue into a medium glass or metal bowl.
Mix food coloring in with a metal spoon.
Add a bit of starch at a time, mixing each time you add more. I was able to stir the starch in until I had added about 1/2 cup, and then needed to knead the mixture by hand so that it would incorporate well.
The last time I added starch, I panicked a bit because I thought I had overdone it with the starch and ruined my slime. Simple kneading the ball of goo remedied the problem though!

Store your slime in an air-tight container when not in use. Because we made our slime for the first time today, I cannot tell you how long it will last. Look for an update later!

NOTE: This was a big hit with my three-year-old! He did manage to get a bit onto his jammies, which I'm sure will wash out, but use your best judgement around upholstery and things. This is a sticky, messy kind of fun!

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  1. cool slime i use tide and white glue maybe even clear glue


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