Paper Parasol Wreath

I was inspired to make this wreath when I saw something similar on Pinterest a while back. {I know--everything seems to stem from Pinterest lately!} I wasn't nuts about the way it looked sort of... uneven? So I decided to use a more rigid, circular form.

Making the wreath was so simple. I only needed two things:

Assembly is pretty self-explanatory, but you can see the steps here:

I simply opened one little parasol at a time, and poked it into the wreath form. No glue, no... nothin'! I varied the depth of the picks a bit, and worked in sections to make sure I was getting even coverage.

Make sure to cover the sides as well, so the parasols rest against the wall when the wreath is hanging. You don't want to see the wreath from any angle.

I love the way the colors overlap, and the fullness of the completed wreath. Such a bright spot of sunshine for a dull January day!

This would also be a really fun project for a pool party or a luau-themed birthday.

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  1. So lovely and bright! Thank you so much for sharing and inspiring me, xxx from Holland.

  2. Christina I LOVE YOU! I have been trying to find a fun summer time wreath for my front door for 10 years! I am not much for fake flowers and such ... so this is going to be GREAT! Plus if it starts to look eck ... its cheap to replace ... Awesome! Thank you ~ angie

  3. It would be really cool to add some battery powered twinkle lights behind all the parasols. Also, if a white styrofoam wreath was used, it would lighten up the background.

  4. Hi Angie! I'm not sure using a white wreath would actually change the background much, as my wreath is hanging against a wall in our bathroom so no light "gets in" from the back anyway. Hmm. You're right though--lights would be cute! I wonder if it would be a fire hazard? Definitely an "at your own risk" attempt ;)

  5. Beautiful!! Beautiful!! :) -Evette


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