I don't always use my own recipes...


I wanted to take a minute to share my most favorite cookbook with you. This has quickly become my go-to book!

Each recipes we've made has been requested again and again since purchasing the book earlier this summer. 

Our most favorite? Hamburger helper!! My kids haven't ever eaten the boxed version, so I'm confident they were thoroughly confused about what "hamburger helper" could mean... but they were definitely not disappointed. This dish is requested multiple times each week!

It's not our only favorite, either. I've made sichuan chicken several times, and the chicken pot pie pasta again and again. Street tacos? Yes please!

And these taquitos, woah!! 😍 

Seriously. You need this book. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. We got this book via your recommendation! LOVE IT!!! all my kids think so many dishes are YUMMY!


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