It's finished! {a new blanket for the boy}

I'm so, so thrilled with the results of my second EVER crochet project, that I couldn't resist sharing it here. 

When we were home for Thanksgiving, I asked my mom to finally teach me to crochet. I knew the basics, but a couple of steps were missing... and creating a mess. So I went to work with a Q Hook {read: BIG!} and made a scarf one evening. 

After the scarf, I was craving another, bigger project. So I decided to dive right in with a new blanket for my favorite little guy. He helped me choose the colors, but he won't receive the finished blanket until Christmas. I can't wait, because I know he's going to love it, and that makes this mama so darned proud of herself.


  1. so I must not be using the right hook. My stuff is soooo tight. I have been trying to teach myself with you tube videos. lol Not going so well. Your blanket is beautiful!

  2. I've never been successful with a smaller hook and "normal" weight/size yarn. I always wound up SO frustrated, and with a very tightly woven little chunk of yarn. Switching to the big Q hook and using chunky yarn was *instantly* easy! It feels almost impossible to make it too tight. Maybe I'll try to video the process and post it. If I can work up the nerve! ;)


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