Blueberry-Lavender Sparkling Lemonade

On the fourth of July, I gathered a bunch for festive, 'fizzy' drinks. This was the favorite, by far! I'm not done yet--so be on the lookout for some more flavor combinations soon.

You'll Need:
Sparking Mineral Water {like Pellegrino}
Lavender Syrup {I love Monin brand syrups!}
Lemons {some sliced, some juiced--or ready to squeeze directly into the glass}

To Make:
Pour a bit of lavender syrup into the bottom of your glass. I used no more than a couple of teaspoons.
Place a couple of lemon wedges or slices in the glass.
Place a few blueberries into the glass, smooshing a few as you put them in.
Add lemon juice--and inch or so in the glass.
Add ice.
Add mineral water to fill the glass.

Feel free to play with the amount of lemon juice, syrup, etc... we've all got different tastes!

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