Marcus & Melanie are Engaged! {Spokane Proposal: Christina Weedon Photography}

We were asked to participate in a very special proposal this weekend, when our friend Marcus asked Melanie to be his wife. I can't think of a better way to have spent my Saturday afternoon!

Several friends were stationed around town in locations important to their relationship, waiting with a note from Marcus to read to Melanie.

I won't lie--I was a teary mess when she showed up at my door! I read my note, though, and then dashed up to meet Marcus where he would pop the question.

Together, we picked a spot and waited. 

When Melanie arrived, it was time! I met her and directed her to the final stop on her scavenger hunt, and then I ducked behind some bushes and watched the scene unfold.

Of course, she said yes! Congrats, Marcus and Melanie. We can't wait to see you tie the knot!


  1. Chrissy, we can't thank you enough for being a part of this day! The pictures are beautiful and we're thrilled that you captured such a special moment! We are lucky to have such a talented friend!

    Marcus and Melly

  2. How very special.


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