DIY Solution: Bath Toy Storage

In our home, we all use the same bathroom. Storage for tub toys was really becoming an issue. I have tried a few other ideas--mostly products that use suction cup--but nothing ever, well, stuck! 

Enter the hanging fruit basket. I saw a hanging basket similar to this one used for toy storage on Pinterest. It simply fit over the shower curtain bar. That option wasn't popular in our home, as it kept the curtain from closing all the way while the grown-ups are showering, and who wants cool air sneaking in while you're shaving your legs?? Not this girl!

 So I grabbed a plant hook and some heavy-duty wall anchors from the hardware store, and we installed a hook in the unused 'corner' of the shower surround. Perfect! The toys have a home that won't fall off the wall, they drain easily, and everyone is happy.

My little guy really loves that we can simply take the basket off the hook and then hang it from a lower hand rail so he can access all of this toys at one time. That also makes it possible for him to help with clean-up, which I appreciate.


  1. this is a great idea!!nothing sticks to our textured tile!!! i have been looking for something like this forever!!

  2. This looks like a great idea but will the basket eventually rust ?

    1. The baskets are coated! We have since moved and use a different system now, but never once did I see even a speck of rust.


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