Chunky Salsa with Cilantro

My hubby deserves the credit for this recipe. He came home from work with the ingredients, bubbling on about what someone had described to him... and then suddenly, a big bowl of yummy was in front of me! We've made it several times since, and I really do love it. I also love how easily it comes together.

3-4 Medium Tomatoes {cleaned up and diced}
1 Large Onion {diced}
Cilantro {washed, leaves removed from stems, and chopped}
1 8 oz. Can El Pato Mexican Hot Style Tomato Sauce {this stuff}
Garlic {1-2 cloves, minced, and completely optional}

Combine diced tomato and onion in a medium bowl.
Add chopped cilantro, stirring to combine. I like LOTS of cilantro, but you you prefer less.
Stir in the tomato sauce {and garlic, if using}, and then season with salt as desired.
Serve with tortilla chips, or, well, however you'd like!

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