2012 Mediterranean Cruise {The First Picture Post!! Barcelona, Spain and Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas}

I know this is the part you really want to see, rather than me rambling on about what I ate, or how I felt while I was travelling. I've broken the images up into three different posts so that they don't load quite as slowly. Prepare yourself, as these are image-heavy posts!

Waiting to board our first flight! 

Looking out over Barcelona.

Snapped from a tour bus, this is the hotel we stayed in when we flew to Barcelona at the start of our honeymoon nearly six years ago.

Our ship, spotted while on a quick city tour of Barcelona.

Another view from the city tour, and looking down the length of the ship from our balcony.

The view of Barcelona from our balcony.
Kiddo pool! I know my little guy would have enjoyed this so much.

My artsy-fartsy'ness took over here. I just loved how polished and shiny everything was on board.

The details of the ship are always so fun :)

Art on board, and a view leaning over the railing.

A quiet ship while most passengers were in port.

Stay tuned for more pictures, and for more about my travel experience. The next picture post will feature Cannes, France.

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  1. Pretty, pretty! The last time I was in Barcelona I wasn't old enough to even remember it. LOL Want to go back someday.


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