2012 Mediterranean Cruise {The Second Picture Post! Cannes, France}

Our first Port of Call was Cannes, France. We didn't have many expectations for Cannes, in a sense that we didn't *need* to do anything particular. I like it that way, because of the feeling of freedom to wander and explore. 

We weren't docked in Cannes, but were tendered instead. I was a bit nervous about these little boats that would take us to the port, given the MdDS and all. Sitting up front in the open air really helped.

The view from the tender boat. Cannes really was a beautiful place.

I'm a sucker for brightly colored doors. They're so common in Europe. I wonder why our doors here must be so... boring? 

Such a pretty place.

The view from the top. I really liked being up here.

He's pretty darned proud of this picture ;)

Windows make me happy too. 

I loved the citrus tress. They seemed to just appear out of nowhere, and for some reason, the idea of being able to pick an orange in the middle of the city was a fascinating one.

I knew there wouldn't be anything in here that I could have, so I snapped a picture from the entrance and called it good. Aren't the macaroons gorgeous?

Pantone! I wanted to bring some of this home, but resisted.

We carried these flags all over Europe. Hubby is a die-hard fan, and wanted to join in the Wave the Flag madness. 

Hubby with the camera again. The beach was a nice little treat, but also our first indication that the tender boat back to the ship might be a rough ride. We sat there in the sand for a bit, realizing that the wind and waves were really picking up.

Back on the tender boat, and beginning to realize something was up...

Soaked! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Really, truly soaked! It was a rough ride, but we made it. Sitting out front for fresh air came back to bite us on the ride back out. We took the brunt of the waves as they splashed up and over the front of the boat!


  1. So loving these posts and can't wait to see MORE, Christina!!!!

  2. Thanks, Becca! I'm having a lot of fun sharing all of this :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Love to see that he carried the coug pride there :)

  4. Thanks, Samantha! ...and yep--those flags made an appearance at each of our ports. More Coug pride later this week!


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