2012 Mediterranean Cruise {The Fourth Picture Post! Rome, Italy}

When we woke up on this morning, I looked out and knew we were in for a soggy day. I was right! ...and I also boarded the ship with a handy new umbrella and a very wet pair of Tom's.

The train that took us into Rome from the port was so crowded. Several of us were huddled together in a small hallway, where we watched this scenario play out. The blonde woman in glasses was taking up too much space with her luggage, and the others weren't happy with her. I love that, in Italian, everything sounds so energetic and passion-filled.

We made it to Rome!

Standing in front of the Coliseum during a rain break. We were soaked all day long.

Those Coug flags again!

Can you spot the flags? Also--notice all of the umbrellas. It started to rain, HARD, right after this photo was taken. We had separated ourselves from our group, and all wound up a bit lost in the Coliseum. Thank goodness for cell-phones with international calling plans!

The graffiti in Italy is much more entertaining :)

...and the trains are fast!

Wandering the streets not far from Tervi Fountain, we thought this roof-top garden was really fun. 

I took this for my little guy. The fire engines were so cute and tiny! ...these guys paused to wave at me after I snapped their picture.

Trevi Fountain is my favorite. We threw more coins in so we'd be sure to come back some day in the future. And the pretty green? It just made me happy. I think there was a restaurant tucked away in there.

The flags in front of the fountain. I love the expression of the couple on the left.

Just us :)

Look what I found! There was a small selection of gluten free goodies in a market right near Trevi Fountain. It was pouring, and I was in a bit of a hurry, or I would have stuck around longer to find out if I could have any of these treats. If we'd been staying in one place rather than cruising, we could have picked up crackers and things for snacks. 

Inside that same market.

More than anything, I took this photo because I was so intrigued by the shape of the soda cans. I also love that soda, in Europe, is sweetened with 'real' sugar.

The train station, from the other side. Ready to head back to the ship.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Is that a peanut or the Christmas poo from South Park?? :) :)

  2. Thank you :) ...and you made me literally laugh out loud!! I do believe that was Mr. Hanky staring back at me on the train! Creative European taggers ;)

  3. Your pictures are beautiful! Love it! Love the train picture! (where the lady was taking up too much space) LOL

  4. Thank you, Cindy! That train story is definitely one I'll remember for a long time. You can't see him in the shot, but my hubby was sitting in a small area sort of above and behind where she is in that shot. He had a great 'seat' for the 'show!'

  5. I love this!!!! What a great trip and you guys look so great ;)
    My and my hubby actually went to Rome for our honeymoon 6 1/2 years ago..... but this place never changes - still looks so great and I would have loved to go again.
    So happy you also found things to eat there. I mean with all that pizza and pasta everywhere! ;P


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