Cinnamon Cookie-Cutter Ornaments

I remember, as a small child, pulling cinnamon-scented ornaments from storage every year. They were homemade, like these, and so familiar to me. Honestly though, I had forgotten about those ornaments until I ran across a recipe for the "dough" used to make these little stars.

They're quite simple, and you likely have the necessary ingredients already hidden in your pantry. You might also have a very eager assistant in your home. I did! Camden enjoyed helping me place and press the cookie cutters.

You'll Need:
1 Cup Cinnamon
1/4 Cup Applesauce
1/2 Cup Glue {craft, Elmer's, etc.}
Glitter {optional!}
Cookie Cutters
A {throw-away} Straw
Paper Towels, Parchment or Newspaper--this is where you'll place your ornaments to dry
Ribbon, for hanging your finished ornaments

Combine the cinnamon and apple sauce.
Stir in glue.
Let the mixture sit for about 30 minutes.
Working with about 1/3 of the dough at a time, knead the mixture to soften it a bit and keep it from crumbling.
Spread the dough to about 1/4" thick using a rolling pin. Use extra cinnamon to "flour" your rolling pin if you need, and sprinkle on some glitter, too, if you'd like.
Cut out shapes as you would cookies.
Transfer to your drying surface.
Using the straw, poke a hole in each ornament where you'll want the hanging ribbon to be placed.
Allow the shapes to dry, turning every few hours to keep the ornaments uniform in shape {the edges may curl a bit} and to allow both sides to dry evenly. My ornaments sat for about 24 hours.
{Alternately, you may choose to bake your ornaments at 200 degrees for a couple of hours, turning once or twice.}
When the ornaments are dry, thread a ribbon or cord through each one to hang.


  1. These are great. I want to make these for some of my clients this christmas and I'm wondering if I wanted to make 30 or so medium sized (2-3 inch) ornaments about how many batches would I need to make? Also, do you think perhaps "diluting" this recipe with a salt dough recipe might help save money on cinnamon? Thanks for any tips!! So cute!

    1. Depending on the shape of your cutter, and your placement, you may very well be able to get away with two batches. If you want thicker ornaments, or your cutter doesn't allow you to use your space as well, you might whip up a third batch.

      I'm not sure about mixing it with a salt dough recipe. I worry that they would possibly be a bit more brittle, where these are *seriously* durable and last the test of time--while still smelling yummy! I would purchase a large container of cinnamon--readily available this time of year! Ours is from a restaurant-supply type store, but you could also find a large container at Costco/Sam's Club, or perhaps Wal*Mart.

  2. they looks delicious!!!thank you for sharing!

  3. i did this in the 1st grade. im in the 6th grade and thay still smell amazing!

  4. I love this idea!!!

  5. Is this dough suppose to be pretty dry. I just made the dough for the first time and it is currently sitting for the 30minutes. Is there anything I should do if it is too dry?

    1. Hi Shelly--it is quite a dry dough. Letting the mixture rest will help. If you're still worried, try adding a bit more glue and kneading it by hand. It'll take a bit longer to dry, but that's not a big deal :)

  6. Do you think the smell would still last as long if the ornaments were painted? The back side would still be left unpainted. Thinking about trying it this year.


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