Storing Baking Ingredients, Gluten Free Flours, etc.

Gluten free baking comes with a funny little challenge. Have you noticed?? All of those little packages of flour and ingredients can really overwhelm a pantry, quickly turning organizational efforts into a complete failure. It's also really easy to lose track of what you have, especially if it's an item you don't use frequently.

As I unpacked our moving boxes when we were settling into our home, I stumbled on a forgotten shoe organizer. I set it aside with the intention of re-purposing it somehow, and lookie what I came up with! This door leads to our basement stairs.

The individual pockets are great for Bob's Red Mill and other small, specialty flour packages and baking mixes.

Mason jars fit nicely too! These hold things like baking soda, nutritional yeast flakes, and homemade taco seasoning.

I've also got pockets filled with cupcake liners, molasses, Karo syrup, and pectin, for making jam and things.

So--there you go! Several of you have asked me about storage related to all of the crazy baking ingredients. This is my little not-so-secret, secret.


  1. Amazing idea! We currently use one in the bathroom to store toiletries so we can use the bathroom closet to store towels. I've never even thought about using it in the pantry.

  2. There aren't words to describe how much I adore that idea!!!!

  3. Do you think the Bob Mill's all purpose GF flour goes bad? I have been using a package and I think it tastes a bit funny. Others say its okay, but I wonder if they are just being nice.

  4. Hi Amy! I'll be honest and say that I do so much baking, my flour doesn't really sit around for any great length of time. But! I do know some who prefer to store theirs in the fridge or freezer, to preserve freshness. The truth is that we *are* working with a different product than traditional wheat flour, and nut flours and things are more susceptible to expiration.

    How long have you had the package on hand? ...and just to be sure, you're thinking there is a taste in baked goods, and not the batter, yes? Most GF batters have an awful, metallic taste before they're baked! ick!


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