Homemade {gluten free} Taco Seasoning

When this adventure began, I was really surprised to learn about some of the funky stuff lurking in taco seasoning. This is my recipe for a spice-only, easily-thrown-together, homemade taco seasoning.

You'll Need:
1/4 Cup Chili Powder
1 tsp. {each} Garlic Powder, Onion Powdered, Red Pepper Flakes, and Oregano
2 tsp. {each} Paprika and Cumin
1 Tbsp. {each} Salt and Pepper

To Make:
Combine ingredients in an air-tight container, shaking or stirring to combine.
Use like you would any other taco seasoning, mixing with a bit of water and simmering on the stove top.

I sometimes double this recipe, as it stores very well in an airtight container. Just like buying a big jar of seasoning from the store!

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