One Month In: My 365 Journey & Clutter Busting Mission

A month ago, I committed to two different year-long projects. Because I like to keep myself accountable, and because I know some of you out there are participating *with* me, I thought I might post a monthly update.

On Project One:
I'm loving my 365 Project! There have been a couple of those, "oh no! a picture!" evenings. In that case, I look around for something that might remind me of our day, or describe the events of the evening. That's not all bad, right? I truly do think I might turn this photo-a-day journal of sorts into a book at the end of the year. What a way to remember life!

On Project Two:
Clutter-Busting. Really? I needed this kick in the pants to get moving. Creating a Facebook group was the best thing I ever did, as it has helped to keep me motivated. I've skipped a few days here and there, some because they don't apply to our home, and yes, a couple because I simply didn't want to! Some decluttering is better than none, though, right??

It's your turn! Did you commit to either of these projects, or to some other goal for the year? I'd love to hear about your progress in the comments!


  1. Clutter-buster Challenge:

    Like you I have skipped days or certain tasks as they did not pertain or I just didn't feel like it. More days than I am willing to admit. However, just having this challenge rattling around in my brain has inspired me in lots of ways. I find myself looking around constantly to see what I can purge. I just accidentally typed purse instead of purge...yes I have more of those to get rid of too! ;) And like a lot of my fellow clutter buster members on some days I am so energized and excited I just keep going into other parts of the house!

    Overall, I am so super excited I decided to join the group. Even if some of my before pictures are embarrassing!

  2. I'm with the clutter busters! I have enjoyed the challenges and it has made me finally get on a bunch of to-do's that got pushed aside :)
    I have seen a February photo challenge and am going to do that!


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