Meal Planning... but not really!

Meal planning isn't my strong suit. I tend to lay out a loose idea of what I'd like to serve over the course of a week, and collect new recipes before heading to the store. Inevitably, though, my plans change and I make at least one trip to the store during the week.

I definitely have some "go to" favorites, though, and things that frequently make their way into our rotation.

Scrambled eggs, with or without "add in" ingredients such as mushrooms, green onions, bacon, Daiya "cheese."
French toast made with Udi's bread
Diced, pan-fried potatoes {these are a staple in our house}
{Certified gluten free} oatmeal, often made as Overnight Oatmeal
Pancakes or waffles made from Bob's Red Mill GF Pancake Mix {we add a can of pumpkin to keep pancakes moist}
Puffed Oven Pancake, a weekend favorite
Egg "muffins," which can be made ahead and reheated {recipe coming soon!}

Leftovers! I've always loved leftovers for lunch.
Grilled cheese made with Daiya and Udi's bread, or homemade bread
Quinoa & Black Bean Salad, dipped with tortilla chips
Hummus and veggies or tortilla chips
Hummus spread on a locally-made corn tortilla and wrapped with turkey deli meat or veggies
Sandwiches made with "safe" ingredients... egg salad, turkey, tuna...

Meatloaf and mashed potatoes, or meatballs with bbq sauce and mashed potatoes {use gluten free bread or oats in your current recipe}
Homemade soups... chicken noodle, potato, veggie...
Red Beans and Rice
Tacos served with locally-made corn tortillas, or taco salads
Breakfast! We love breakfast for dinner around here... see above for ideas.
Stir-fry, a good way to use up veggies in the fridge, with or without meat and served over rice
Baked chicken, sometimes whole, sometimes cut into pieces and seasoned with safe spices and things
Baked potatoes with toppings, sometimes with chili or pulled pork

I'm a compulsive snacker, and definitely the type to eat many small "meals," or snacks, throughout the day rather than three squares. I usually have some combination of the following stashed away...

Tortilla chips, usually with homemade salsa, pico de gallo, or hummus
Baked goodies {lots of recipes on my recipe index!}
Popcorn {popped in the air popper, topped with a little Earth Balance and salt}
Coconut milk yogurt, sometimes with Udi's granola stirred in
Cold cereal with almond milk
LARABAR's {good for on the go, always stashed in my bag}
Enjoy Life Foods Snack Bars {good for on the go, always stashed in my bag}

When you're starting to consider a diet that will eliminate gluten, dairy, or soy, or perhaps something else, I'd encourage you to make a list similar to this one based on your *current diet.* You might be surprised at how many of your favorites can be easily altered, or are already safe for your new diet. With your list complete, do some online research to find suitable substitutes. If you're stumped, ask me! I'd love to help.

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