How To: Dye Prefold Diapers

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I've gone back to the drawing board with this process! After several washes and what-not, my dyed prefolds are, in fact, bleeding. I've now got several {admittedly very pretty} lightly tinted diapers that weren't a part of the initial dyeing process. Research tells me that Rit dye was not the way to go, and that I need to find a professional quality dye... so... wee! on to some new testing in the Dandy's on the Wall kitchen! Hold off on your own dyeing adventures until further notice!

I'm so thrilled with these!! I love our prefolds anyway, but to liven them up a bit brought them to a whole new level of happy. Does that make me crazy? Perhaps. But if you cloth diaper, you won't think so...

The process was simple, and looked something like this:

I want to encourage you to follow the package directions if you're unsure, but in all fairness, I did deviate a bit. Simply put, I:

Ran the {prepped--don't use brand new, un-prepped cloth} diapers through a rinse in my machine to soak them.
Followed package directions for dissolving the dye in two cups of water.
Poured the water into a large metal basin.
Filled it with more hot tap water.
Soaked one prefold at a time (larger basin? throw a couple in!), stirring and mixing it around a bit.
Removed after only a few minutes.
Ran the prefolds under warm water to rinse away the bulk of the dye.
Took the prefolds to my washing machine {carry them in a bowl so you don't drip!} and ran a couple of rinses.
Washed with my usual diaper detergent.
Into the dryer!

I can't wait to use these tomorrow. The fact that I perked them up a bit from their usual, basic off-white makes me smile!


  1. Beautiful! Did you use the scarlet?

  2. I didn't end up using the scarlet, and I'm glad! I've posted an update on the post, but I'm not happy with the use of Rit dye. It has done some bleeding, and now I've got several un-dyed diapers in a pretty light blue color. Back to the drawing board! :)

  3. I've read the Dylon is the way to go. I'm curious to see what happens next :)

  4. I read it too, but was... honestly? Too lazy to venture out to find the right stuff. The Rit was an opportunity purchase, and I should have known better!! Lesson learned :)


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