General Tso's Chicken {gluten, dairy, and soy free}

I confess. I'm a little bit obsessed with this chicken right now. It's that good.

In fact, this picture kind of gives that fact away. It's very different from my usual, brightly lit food on a plate. Why? Because there aren't ever any leftovers! Those pictures often happen with my lunch leftovers the next day, when the light is right for picture snappin'!

{I feel like I just shared one of my deepest secrets.}

Only, not really.

Anyway! Want to make some of this chicken for your family?? Please do. It's amazing.

You'll Need:
For Sauce:
1 Tbsp. Corn Starch
1/2 Cup Water
2-3 Cups Veggies {washed and trimmed; I like to use green beans, snow peas and mushrooms}
2 Garlic Cloves
1 Tbsp. {fresh} Grated Ginger
1 1/2 Tbsp. Brown Sugar*
2 Tbsp. Coconut Aminos*
1/4 tsp. Red Pepper Flakes

For Chicken:
2 Egg Whites
3 Tbsp. Corn Starch
1/2 tsp. Salt
1/4 tsp. Pepper
2-3 Chicken Breasts {cut into bite-sized pieces}
Olive Oil

To Make:
For Sauce:
Combine the corn starch and water, mixing thoroughly to dissolve completely.
Stir in the remaining liquid and spices, and then pour over washed vegetables.

For Chicken:
Whisk corn starch, salt, and pepper into the egg whites.
Add chicken, stirring to coat evenly.

To Cook:
Heat a non-stick skillet {trust me on this one! I tried it with my typical pan, which isn't non-stick, and wound up with a huge mess!} with a bit of olive oil over medium-high heat.
Add chicken to the skillet, pausing when you lift it from the egg white mixture to remove excess.
Cook the chicken for several minutes, browning the meat.
Add the vegetables and sauce, stir to combine, and then cover while the vegetables cook. Stir occasionally.

Ideas & Notes:
If you're vegan, this dish would be great with tofu! In my tofu days, I probably would have cubed the tofu, coating it in a bit of corn starch and water and then frying it for a few minutes. Continue with the recipe from that point.

We like to eat our chicken over freshly cooked rice.

*If you're not avoiding traditional soy sauce, or if your diet calls for gluten-free {non-coconut aminos} soy sauce, double the brown sugar called for, to 3 Tbsp.

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  1. If I was eating chicken right now I would be too. Because I think I have had spicy noodles 12 times since the first time I made them (2 or 3 weeks ago)! HEE HEE!

  2. Yum!! Looks delicious! New follower from Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays, I'd love it if you followed back :)

  3. Yummy! I love all the simple ingredients! If you get a chance, I'm sure people would love to see this over at Allergy Free Wednesdays, open tonight!

  4. Thank you for sharing your awesome recipe on Allergy Free Wednesdays! Be sure to check back next week for reader favorites and hostess picks.

    Be Well,
    --AFW Hostesses

  5. Thanks for the recipe! I tweaked it a bit because I can't have things such as gluten and the red pepper flakes and such, but it still tasted fantastic. I posted my take on trying the recipe here:
    p.s. - I made sure to post a link to this page as well to give ya credit :)

  6. Oh it was well worth the effort it took to find coconut aminos. I have missed my Asian dishes so! This was delicious and I will likely start making it regularly too! Quick week night dinner that I can use up a bunch of vegatables on! I used chicken broth in place of the egg whites and it turned out just fine.


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