Ridiculously Easy Grilled Chicken {gluten, dairy, and soy free}

When summer starts up, I have a hard time adjusting to the heat. Don't get me wrong! I love the summer weather! But my body protests for a couple of weeks.

Anyway. The end result of a protesting body is a mama who doesn't really have much of an appetite for anything but watermelon, and a husband and small boy who aren't too thrilled with that option. What's a girl to do? Easy. Make it easy.

I spend as little time as possible in the kitchen by putting as MUCH as possible on the grill. Then, that fabulous husband I mentioned works his magic, and dinner is served.

This chicken is so easy, it doesn't really need a proper recipe. Just follow these steps:

1. Select an appropriate number of chicken breasts for your family.
2. Place the chicken breasts on a flat surface, cover with plastic wrap, and then pound the pieces to less than an inch thick.
3. Working one side at a time, rub a touch of olive oil on the chicken, and then sprinkle with your choice of seasonings. These have chili powder, cumin, and a light sprinkle of salt on them.
4. Transfer the chicken to the grill, and keep an eye on 'em. Remember, thin chicken will cook quickly!


  1. Christina, my husband was just diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. Part of the non-prescription treatment/management of this condition is a low-starch diet eliminating breads, cakes, rice and potatoes at a minimum, possibly other foods. Please share more dinner recipes! Your desserts are awesome and make my mouth happy but I eat so many they make my tummy hurt. And hubby accuses me of trying to fatten him.
    Thank you for dong the creative brainwork for us special-diet people.

  2. Holy smokes, Chanel!! Tell me, can your husband have beans? does this mean you'll be adding more meat to your diet? I'll start really thinking about which dinner recipes/ideas I can share--and I'll get to work on some new stuff too! :)

  3. So, I've finally done more research. Been absolutely swamped with school. No beans, no corn. At this point he is eliminating dairy and some of the starchier fruits and vegatables (bananas, peas, etc). We're limited to coconut and almond as far as flours go. So, yeah. More meat in the diet unfortunately. I don't expect you to go out of your way just encouraging you to share any recipes you have in your arsenal that may fit this very odd diet (London AS Diet). In my brief searches I haven't found any blogs dedicated to this diet and you're the person I know with the most stringent eating habits. He's already had a slight decrease in symptomology just the last few days. Diet is cheap medicine with minimal side effects, as you well know. I feel very blessed we even have this option considering the long-term outcomes of this disease. Thank you Christina :)

  4. So, it occurred to me last night... wouldn't this be a lit like the Paleo diet?? It's worth looking at, anyway, for some recipe ideas and things. Paleo is BIG right now!!


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